Monday, March 22, 2010

think outside the [vase]

Flowers aren't just for bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.  Use blooms in new ways to add variety to your day. 
These "kermit blossoms" are stuck into floral foam to make a cool (and scented) ring bearer pillow. So cute!
Add a sprig of lavender or any other (edible) flower to garnish your signature cocktail.
Throw large chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, or gerbera daisies into a fountain or any other water feature to add more floral decor.
Ok, this is so cool.  These "beach balls" are actually covered in flowers, floating in a pool near the reception site.  Way to think creatively, guys!

Don't be confined to a little box - glass or not.  Flowers can go (almost) anywhere - so go for it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[don't] have your cake.

It might seem sacrilegious, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: you don't have to have a wedding cake.

Here are some great options for an alternative to a wedding cake:

un-wedding cake

top left: make your own cookie cake! Martha Stewart gives a great step-by-step instruction (or, if you'd rather have someone else do the dirty work, bring the photo to a baker and have them duplicate the dessert.

top right: cupcake lollipops!  I wouldn't recommend trying this one on your own unless you are an experienced baker, but prop these lollipops up by sticking them in a boxed bed of moss or short grass to make an adorable spring garden

2nd row left: French macarons look très chic when displayed on paper-wrapped boxes of varying heights

2nd row right: chocolate and vanilla mousse in small clear dishes are placed on tiered plates

bottom left: use the paper cone pattern in the previous post [cone original] and fill with small chocolate chip cookies.  For added excitement, serve with individual paper cartons of milk

3rd row right: Go to the Jones Soda website and custom create your own labels, choose your own flavor, and add a quote to a soda bottle - arrange on a tiered cake platter, on a distressed cupboard, or on overturned wooden crates to offer to guests.

bottom right: offer s'mores packets to guests, and even provide a fire pit for them to make s'mores if your venue allows

Monday, March 1, 2010

save it.

The ring is on, the champagne is gone, and now... the questions start rolling in.  "So, have you picked a date yet?" "Where's the wedding taking place?" "Where should we book accommodations?" and even eventually, "When are you having kids?"

Well, at least you can help answer some of the questions for your wedding guests.

Sending out "Save the Dates" were once intended for those having a long engagement or a destination wedding, but are now becoming somewhat expected.  Guests are becoming increasingly eager to book travel arrangements, and aren't always willing to wait for 6-8 weeks before the wedding when you send out the invitations.

Help them remember your wedding date, or get a jump start on finding out who can realistically make it to your big day, by sending out a memorable "save-the-date" (I would abbreviate it, but then it's STD, and well... that's just weird).

Oh, Martha Stewart, I can't get enough of your sweet DIY crafts.

How cool are these paper airplane save the dates??  Set the theme for a fun destination wedding, or any wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests, with this playful idea.

Find the step-by-step instructions, as well as a template for the envelope and the paper airplane, here.

Another cool idea is to include stickers for your guests that they can stick on their calendars and organizers.  You can purchase them already printed at many online sticker sources [] or [], or order them blank and print them yourself using the template provided.

Love the postcard idea, but want something a little more?  Add a small envelope on the back, with the wedding information tucked inside.  Use a date stamp (find at any office supply store) and handwrite the rest of the information for a personal touch.

Note:  even though this is a postcard, you won't be saving on stamps - due to weight, this requires first class postage.

Want your postcard personally designed?  Try Mark Kipling Design.