Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[don't] have your cake.

It might seem sacrilegious, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: you don't have to have a wedding cake.

Here are some great options for an alternative to a wedding cake:

un-wedding cake

top left: make your own cookie cake! Martha Stewart gives a great step-by-step instruction (or, if you'd rather have someone else do the dirty work, bring the photo to a baker and have them duplicate the dessert.

top right: cupcake lollipops!  I wouldn't recommend trying this one on your own unless you are an experienced baker, but prop these lollipops up by sticking them in a boxed bed of moss or short grass to make an adorable spring garden

2nd row left: French macarons look très chic when displayed on paper-wrapped boxes of varying heights

2nd row right: chocolate and vanilla mousse in small clear dishes are placed on tiered plates

bottom left: use the paper cone pattern in the previous post [cone original] and fill with small chocolate chip cookies.  For added excitement, serve with individual paper cartons of milk

3rd row right: Go to the Jones Soda website and custom create your own labels, choose your own flavor, and add a quote to a soda bottle - arrange on a tiered cake platter, on a distressed cupboard, or on overturned wooden crates to offer to guests.

bottom right: offer s'mores packets to guests, and even provide a fire pit for them to make s'mores if your venue allows

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