Monday, February 22, 2010

cone original

It's probably the easiest wedding craft you can make, and one of the most versatile.  What is it?  A paper cone.

Martha Stewart provides an easy template to make these cones for a variety of uses.

1. Print out this template on heavy cardstock
2. Cut out cone template and trace onto scrapbook paper in your wedding colors
3. Cut out cones, roll, and fasten with glue (hold with a paper clip on each end until glue dries) or fasten with a sticker label
4.  Fill with whatever your heart desires!

This paper cone is used to shower the bride and groom with flower petals after they say "I do." [have labels made at My Wedding Labels]  For an eco-friendly option, fill with birdseed, flower seeds, or Ecofetti.

Place two cones in a short glass vase and have the florist place small flower arrangements inside.  Often times, a florist will have extra blossoms from creating your bouquet and centerpieces, and would be more than happy to place them wherever you like.  Use this idea as a low centerpiece, or to decorate the guest book table, the gift table, or the buffet line.

"Pommes Frites" is just a classy way of saying french fries.  Have these mini hors d'œuvres served during cocktail hour with your personalized paper cones for a casual-chic snack.

Fill with Jordan almonds, personalized M&M's, or lemon drops for a great favor idea.

Have fun with this easy DIY craft!  Call up your bridesmaids, and start the assembly line.   There's lots you can do with this easy cone - so get creative!

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