Sunday, June 13, 2010

fifty fiesta!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I've been doing THIS:

Fifty Fiesta

My mom and dad have the same birthday (cool, right?) - and since my dad was recovering from back surgery during his 50th birthday, we decided to make a joint 50th birthday celebration when my mom turned 50 (3 years later).  So, here it is!

[fun details: votive-shaped holes were cut out of fruit to make for a beautiful decorative accent :: nacho cheese flowed out of a fondue fountain, and guests dipped tortilla chips, empanadas, flautas, and jalapeƱo poppers :: luminarias were made with baby pictures of the "birthday boy and girl" printed on vellum, with candlelight showing through as the sun set :: guests wrote birthday wishes on small cards and hung them from twine with a clothespin :: sangria, coronas, dulce de leche, churros, and a taco bar made up part of the menu, as did homemade cinnamon chips and fruit salsa]

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